Founded in 2008, BoardConnect’s purpose is to help boards to help not-for-profit (NFP) organisations to help the world.

We are the only organisation in Australia focussed solely on improving the governance of NFPs and social enterprises.

We share a sense of responsibility and custodianship for the future of our society and planet. We believe NFPs are necessary to meet societal needs that purely profit-motivated forces will never address.

We are a NFP ourselves, committed to supporting other NFPs and social enterprises to ensure their effectiveness, impact and resilience.

BoardConnect Limited is an Australian non-profit company limited by guarantee with tax concession charity status.

ABN: 25 147 840 284

Our Board

David Fishel


Jane Thornton


David Knowles


Aaron Dahl


Our Partners

McCullough Robertson Lawyers

McCullough Robertson Lawyers are industry specialists combining legal expertise with deep industry knowledge and foresight, and with an acknowledged track-record in the non-profit sector.

Positive Solutions

Positive Solutions is a leading consultancy specialising in the cultural and non-profit sectors, with over 25 years’ of local and international experience in cultural policy, creative space and places, and building organisational capacity through leadership and governance training for cultural and non-profit organisations.


The Community Services Industry Alliance works with the Community Services Industry to implement innovative approaches from around Australia and the world to advance the business and sustainability of community services.