Raising the Bar:
the board and fundraising

Fundraising income features in most non-profit organisation
budgets, and achieving targets has become vital to secure
organisational stability. Where do you start? How do you gear
up the organisation for fundraising? How do you engage the
board in this process? What part can consultants and advisors
play in shaping the fundraising effort? Are you ready?

In 2010 the Queensland Symphony Orchestra was faced with a
major fundraising target, but had very limited prior experience
of fundraising. With the Chair’s leadership the board made
an extraordinary cultural shift to become active fundraisers,
challenging long established practice and entrenched attitude.
Some useful and some tough lessons were learned on the
way — and QSO is now reaping long-term benefits beyond
the expectations of the initial campaign. QSO Chairman Greg
Wanchap and leading philanthropy expert Frankie Airey shared
their insights and experiences in a webinar for small and larger
arts organisations on Wednesday 2nd April 2014.