Board Development Workshop

What is a board development workshop?

A practical and interactive full-day workshop designed to help board members and senior executive staff of not-for-profit organisations, particularly in the arts, to understand their roles and to maximise the board’s contribution to the organisation. Participants cover topics that help them:

• Clarify the role of the board
• Understand the legal and financial responsibilities of non-profit boards
• Discover effective ways for the board and executive staff to work together
• Discuss how to make board meetings as productive as possible
• Consider best practice in recruitment and induction of board members

The workshop runs for one whole day from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Two or three board members from each organisation are encouraged to attend with the CEO.

The material for this tried and tested workshop was written by BoardConnect Director, David Fishel, author of The Book of the Board, and was delivered throughout Australia in collaboration with the Australia Business Arts Foundation, from 2004 until early 2011.

BoardConnect now has an exclusive licence to deliver the workshops.


Have you ever wanted the opportunity to personally connect with a range of experienced professionals who can help you reflect upon the many facets of your role?

BoardConnect’s speed mentoring events are a unique opportunity for board members to gain access to experienced and understanding mentors for confidential and impartial advice.

Mentees rotate through a number of mentors throughout an energetic one-hour series of interactions.

Speed mentoring is highly effective in facilitating productive, focused conversations about specific questions.

You can discuss any aspect of your role, such as your own development as a board member or issues and situations that occur in the boardroom - so it is wise to consider your line of questioning ahead of the event.

Each of BoardConnect’s mentors has been highly successful in their chosen profession and contributed to a range of organisations as board members or consultants and are keen to share experiences with you.

Contact us to find a Speed Mentoring event near you.

Improve Your Board's Impact

Board members and CEOs want to make the greatest contribution they can to the organisation's mission. One of the simplest and most effective ways of testing the board's impact is to undertake a board self-assessment. In the non-profit and the for-profit sector periodic board reviews are becoming standard practice for organisations of all sizes as boards seek to improve performance amidst rising community and funders’ expectations.

BoardConnect has conducted board reviews for more than 100 non-profit organisations. Our experienced facilitators will steer your board through a detailed self-assessment, share insights, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Feedback from board members who have participated in our reviews has been consistently appreciative:

We felt lucky to have had this opportunity. It was a fantastic process for where we were at as an organisation. Thank you!

BoardConnect offers board reviews at a number of levels. Find out which service is right for you. Click here to download our current Board Reviews brochure.

Working with individual boards to support their annual and triennial self-assessment processes. Our services include Facilitated Board Self-Reflection discussions, Board Reviews and Audits at various levels of detail.


In order to initiate the board review we would ensure that we have a close familiarity and understanding of the organisation’s objectives and work. We would propose to gather data to address these areas, and a more detailed list of governance dimensions, through the following steps:


  1. Initial briefing with Chair and CEO
  2. Review of board documentation

  4. Board self-assessment survey
  5. Individual interviews with board members, CEO

  7. Draft report and recommendations
  8. Revised report
  9. Presentation and final discussion

Facilitated Board Reflections

Every board should periodically arrange for an externally facilitated review process to ensure that it is performing as well as possible, and to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Ideally that process should include a full board audit or review, at least once every two to three years, depending on maturity of board processes and other factors, such as changing board membership, or a rapidly changing external environment.

When you’re not due for a full audit or review, but feel some time out for reflection and discussion would help focus board members on how the board can enhance its effectiveness, BoardConnect can provide a Facilitated Board Reflection, for a fraction of the cost of a full audit.

Experienced facilitators from BoardConnect provide an impartial view and will be able to share insights from their work with other boards. They can help table topics for discussion and resolution, which might otherwise remain unaddressed, and assist the process of prioritising performance improvement actions for the board’s attention over the coming year.

A BoardConnect consultant would start the process with a conversation with your Chair, and would then prepare for a 2 hour meeting with all board members. Ideally this 2 hour session should be scheduled as a stand-alone meeting, but could immediately precede an already scheduled board meeting if member availability requires this. Following the session, BoardConnect would supply notes on key discussion points and agreed board actions, and copies of relevant BoardConnect fact sheets and board resources.

To register your interest in a Facilitated Board Reflection for your organisation, click here. We will contact you to discuss the process, the cost, and provide further information to help you decide whether you'd like to go ahead with booking a Facilitated Board Reflection for your board.

Alternatively you can call the BoardConnect team on 07 3891 2599 or email