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Specimen Induction Pack for New Board Members

An Induction Pack could contain some or all of the following:

Information about the arts organisation

  • an up to date copy of the governing document (Constitution)

  • a copy of the mission statement and the strategic plan

  • a brief history of the organisation

  • an organisation chart, including staff, board, committees

  • duty statement for the CEO/Artistic Director

  • brief biog of the CEO/Artistic Director and other key staff

  • key phone numbers

  • the annual report and accounts for the past three years, audit report, the most recent financial report and financial forecasts

  • program plans

  • significant recent press/media coverage

Information about the Board

  • a brief outline of the role of the Board member and a summary of his or her responsibilities and continuing obligations - a duty statement

  • Code of Conduct, if one has been adopted; Conflict of Interest policy and ‘declaration of interests’ if this has been adopted as board process

  • a list of current board members and officers of the board – brief biographies of each of them, and contact details

  • details of relevant sub-committees, with

    • terms of reference

    • specifications of those responsibilities delegated by the Board to the subcommittee

    • names of the Board members serving on sub-committees

    • biographical details of any non-Board members serving on sub-committees

  • dates of future Board meetings

  • the minutes of the meetings of the last three meetings 

  • a description of the procedures to be adopted at Board meetings - these would normally cover details such as

    • when the papers are sent out

    • normal location of meetings

    • how long they last

    • an indication of the routine business transacted

    • procedure for raising items for consideration

    • domestic arrangements e.g. parking, lunch etc

  • the organisation guidelines on

    • matters reserved for formal Board meetings

    • the policy for obtaining independent professional advice by Board members

    • other standing orders, policies and procedures of which the Board member should be  aware

  • summary details of the organisation’s insurance policies including Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance (if any is in place)

  • details of the organisation’s advisers - solicitors, bankers, auditors etc., together with the name of the partner or other nominated person dealing with the organisation’s business

  • a list of contents of the induction pack so that the trustee or director/trustee can check for any omissions

Adapted from the UK Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators model code of conduct, Reference Number 021204.

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