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Board Recruitment and Succession Planning

1. Do we have job descriptions for board members and for officers of the board?

2. Do we have fixed terms for board members, and for the Chair?

3. Does the board have the power of co-option to fill board positions?

4. Do we have the right size of board for the work to be done?

5. Does our Constitution need amendment to ensure we build and maintain an effective board?

6. Have we agreed standards for individual board performance (e.g. attendance and participation)?

7. Does the Chair lead an individual and collective review of board performance on an annual basis?

8. Have we recently profiled our board, and audited our skills and capabilities?

9. Have we clarified what new board skills, connections or capabilities we will need in the next few years?

10. Will board recruitment be handled by the Chair, by a dedicated sub-committee, or through some other structure?

11. Have we confirmed a structured process for identifying, approaching and shortlisting prospective board members?

12. Who will meet with and interview prospective board members?

13. Do we pave the way for future Chairmanship through a Deputy role or similar?

14. Do we have a board or governance charter, or a board manual?

15. What organisational information will be provided to prospective board members?

16. Will prospective board members be invited to attend a meeting as an observer?

17. Will prospective board members have the opportunity to meet existing board members before reaching a decision on whether they wish to proceed?

18. What role will the CEO or others play in the recruitment process?

19. Have we mapped out an appropriate induction process for new board members?

20. Have we prepared an induction pack?

21. Will we nominate a board member or 'buddy' to handle new board members' questions during their first few months?

Source: Fishel, D, The Book of the Board, Federation Press, Sydney, NSW (2003; 3rd edn. 2014)

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