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Board Member Induction Process

All new board members of Company X are entitled to an induction process to ensure that they have a broad understanding of the role and operations of the board, and a contextual understanding of Company X’s business and activities.

Prior to the board member attending their first meeting s/he should receive a copy of the board induction pack.  The contents list for the pack is attached (Annex 1).

The board member should also:

  1. Have a one-to-one meeting with the Chair, where board processes and expectations can be discussed, and where the board member can ask any initial questions arising from the induction pack
  2. Meet other board members if they wish to amplify their understanding
  3. Have a one-to-one meeting with the CEO, where the company’s programs, activities, key current issues and opportunities/ challenges are described, and where the board member can ask any questions regarding operations. A run-through of a recent CEO report to the board may also form part of this meeting
  4. Have a finance induction session with the Treasurer, General Manager or another agreed individual – to run through the financial dynamics of the company, and gain an appreciation of the current balance sheet and profit and loss account

Responsibility for ensuring that the induction steps take place rests with the Chair of the Board, who may delegate to the Deputy Chair or another board member.

During the recruitment or the induction process the new board member will be asked to complete a skills/ profile form (Annex 2).  At the board member’s first meeting the board member should be given time to explain their particular skills and areas of interest to other board members, to enhance the board’s collective understanding of their capacity.

The following administrative matters will also take place during the induction process:

The board member will:

  • Complete a register of interests form
  • Confirm their best mailing/ contact details
  • Provide a photograph or jpeg
  • Complete a skills/ profile form, if not already done during recruitment

The company will:

  • If agreed, prepare a media release
  • Update their website

Annex 1: Induction Pack Contents

Information about the company and/ or industry

  • Constitution
  • Latest annual report
  • Recent monthly financial reports
  • Current strategic plan
  • Most recent risk register presented to the board
  • Recent acquittal reports
  • Last approved application for funding
  • Corporate structure and names of senior management team
  • Glossary of industry-specific terms
  • CEO duty statement
  • CEO bio/CV

Information about the board

  • Details of board members - names, addresses, bio and contact details
  • Board and committee meeting schedules, including meeting times, dates and venues
  • Committee memberships and terms of reference/charters
  • Board member duty statement
  • Board Code of Conduct
  • Board processes and all policies
  • Statement of matters reserved to the board
  • Delegations to CEO
  • Last set of board papers and last three sets of minutes

Information about the director's appointments

  • Terms and conditions of appointment
  • Term of office
  • Committee memberships
  • Travel and reimbursement details
  • Insurance cover - directors' and officers', travel, spouse, beneficiary nomination
  • Deed of indemnity and access
  • Register of interests
  • Director-related policies, for example, the seeking of legal advice
  • ACNC Governance Standards

Annex 2: Board Skills Matrix

Key development themes for the company are [for discussion, and to be updated periodically] income diversification, partnership-building, developing philanthropic support, creating wider opportunities, and extending customer reach.

Not limiting yourself to those fields of expertise please assess your skills and ‘assets’ below, ranking your strength in any area on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 = little or no expertise or assets in that area, 5 = very strong level of knowledge/ experience.

   My skills or experience  My contacts or networks
Our industry sector [specify]     
Management: small-to-medium organisations    
Management: larger organisations    
Human resources    
Financial planning and management    
Corporate partnerships/ sponsorship    
Marketing and communications    
Online communications, blogging, social media    
Commercial/ business development    
Facilities management    
Federal or State Government    
Other (please specify)    
Your profile Please tick  
Over 60    
Your ethnicity    
Other (please specify)    


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