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Sharing the Load: Board and CEO


    Board  CEO 
Performance  Planning 
  • require a Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan and Fundraising Plan
  • participate in the planning process
  • confirm the Mission, Vision, top-level Goals
  • critique proposed future strategies
  • adopt the Plans
  • stimulate future visioning
  • enhance planning debate with relevant industry knowledge
  • propose options, strategies and action programs
  • adopt the Strategic Plan as a key framing tool for action - operationalise the Plan
  • link appraisals back to the Plan
  • balance organisational aspirations and resources
  • approve the income mix, and determine the risk profile
  • open political and business doors
  • help to cultivate donor and partner relationships
  • maintain strong relationships with funders and purchasers
  • maximise income within agreed policies and values of the organisation
  • follow through on opportunities agreed with the board
  • determine what results should be measured
  • confirm key performance indicators and targets
  • review progress against the strategic plan and budgets
  • commission program evaluations and feedback
  • maintain performance data and financial reports
  • engage staff in progress monitoring and evaluation
  • appraise the staff
  • provide regular feedback to board and staff - build a learning organisation
Compliance Compliance
  • monitor legal and risk exposure
  • set standards, ensure process documentation
  • encourage awareness throughout the organisation
  • maintain a risk register
  • maintain personal knowledge of relevant legislation
  • encourage compliance awareness throughout the organisation
  • develop contingency and risk management plans
  • maintain awareness of stakeholder and broader community needs
  • build a culture of service excellence
  • maintain honest, robust debate in the boardroom
  • develop high standards of decision-making
  • accept ultimate responsibility for the organisation's performance
  • accept the authority of the board and the Chair
  • accept delegated responsibility for operations and service delivery
  • implement agreed marketing and communications plans to keep media, stakeholders and the wider public informed
  • use appraisals and evaluations to motivate improvement
  • establish an ethical culture
  • support and appraise the CEO
  • be vigorous advocates for the organisation
  • focus on performance improvement
  • inspire the staff and stimulate the board
  • encourage a culture of service excellence
  • work in close liaison with the Chair to ensure coherent organisational leadership


 Adapted from: Fishel, D, The Book of the Board, Federation Press, Sydney, NSW (2003; 3rd edn. 2014, p. 95)

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