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The Book of the Board 3rd edition

BOTB3The Book of the Board has become Australia’s standard reference book for board and committee members of non-profit organisations. It provides clear guidance on the role of the board, formal and legal responsibilities, and the ways in which the board can maximise its effectiveness for the organisation.

Much is changing in the non-profit world, and the third edition of the Book has been designed with that in mind. New material has been added on the competitive environment, on strategic planning, on risk management and on fundraising. Significant contributions have been added from several specialists.

Particular revisions and amendments include:

  • Depth interviews with four of Australia’s most experienced board members – David Gonski, Rupert Myer, Heather Watson and Simon McKeon.
  • Expert contributions and opinion pieces on topics such as fundraising; improving Board effectiveness; technology and governance; and impact investing from, amongst others, Frankie Airey, Dr Pieter-Jan Bezemer, Cathy Hunt, Elizabeth Jameson,
  • Myles McGregor-Lowndes and Gavin Nicholson.
  • Newly edited charts and diagrams throughout, providing easy reference on key topics.
  • New checklists and resources.

A free excerpt from the Introduction of the new edition is available here for download.

Price: AUD$55.00
Postage within Australia: AUD$11.00


About the Author
David Fishel 2014 - compressedDavid Fishel is a Director of Positive Solutions, a consulting firm specialising in the cultural and non-profit sectors. He has been a board or Council member of several cultural and educational organisations, including Circa, Creative Enterprise Australia, QUT, and the Brisbane Writers Festival. He has been involved in the development of national training programs for board members in the UK and Australia. He is the founding Director of BoardConnect, a non-profit organisation established to provide advice and support for the board members and CEOs of non-profit organisations throughout Australia. David has facilitated strategic planning and organisational development for cultural, health, Aboriginal, sports, educational and other organisations.


The Job of the Board
Strategic Direction
  An Interview with Rupert Myer
Risk and Reward
  An Interview with Heather Watson
Board Information and Decision Making
CEO and the Board
  An Interview with David Gonski AC
Monitoring Performance
  An Interview with Simon McKeon AO
Building the Team
Is the Current Board Model Sustainable?
Thought Pieces/ Leader Articles:
  Gavin Nicholson and Pieter-Jan Bezemer: Why Have a Governing Body?
  Leigh Tabrett: When Government is the Main Stakeholder
  Elizabeth Jameson: Reinventing NFP Governance for the‘Big Data’ World
  Cathy Hunt: The Growth of Impact Investing and its Implications for the Board
  Myles McGregor-Lowndes: The ACNC’s New Governance Rules