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Raising the Bar: the board and fundraising - webinar
Fundraising income features in most non-profit organisation budgets, and achieving targets has become vital to secure organisational stability. Where do you start? How do you gear up the organisation for fundraising? How do you engage the board in this process?  What part can consultants and advisors play in shaping the fundraising effort? Are you ready?

In 2010 the Queensland Symphony Orchestra was faced with a major fundraising target, but had very limited prior experience of fundraising.  With the Chair’s leadership the board made an extraordinary cultural shift to become active fundraisers, challenging long established practice and entrenched attitude. Some useful and some tough lessons were learned on the way - and QSO is now reaping long-term benefits beyond the expectations of the initial campaign. QSO Chairman Greg Wanchap and leading philanthropy expert Frankie Airey shared their insights and experiences in a webinar for small and larger arts organisations on Wednesday 2nd April 2014.

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Magic when you get it right: the CEO/Board relationship – webinar

Building a strong and trusting relationship between the board and the CEO, and in particular the Chair and CEO, is an integral step in securing organisational stability and productivity. Performance reviews can play a role in building and maintaining this relationship, and are even more valuable and effective if that is not the only time there is a conversation between CEO and Chair. There should be regular, informal discussion not only on progress, but on the individual’s own personal and professional development.

Many organisations base their appraisal around a position description that was developed when searching for the right person to appoint, however once the appointment is made, the person may bring new and different skills that can change the focus of the position. The Strategic Plan is a much more effective basis for the appraisal, which has targets against which performance can be measured.

These ideas and more was discussed with the Chairs and CEOs of Belvoir Theatre and HotHouse Theatre and facilitator David Fishel.

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Scenario Planning – webinar
Traditional strategic planning is often grounded in an expectation of ‘business as usual’, and fixed for a three or five-year period.  But the environment is dynamic, and the effective arts organisation increasingly needs to consider its preparation for quite different possible futures.

Transformative scenario planning takes the well-established adaptive scenario planning methodology and turns it on its head, constructing scenarios not only to understand and adapt to the future but also to influence and transform it.

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Developing alliances and collaborations in the NFP sector: tricks and traps - webinar
With funding increasingly difficult to secure, the concept of teaming up with other organisationsis being considered by many non-profits. Should you be looking at sharing resources or market development with another organisation? How do alliances work? What do you need to know?

This session identified some of the drivers for approaching an alliance or collaboration, models to structure arrangements – including for possible mergers - and what might be needed to ensure the initiative is a success.

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Health Sector Reforms Panel – workshop
A panel of experienced health sector professionals came together for a session on Health Sector reforms, the broader health environment, and the implications for NGOs. The experienced panel presented a range of perspectives, and take questions on the current health climate. Panelists included Jeff Cheverton (Deputy CEO, Metro North Medicare Local), Alice Evans (CEO, Family Planning Qld), Glenys Webby (Director Strategy, Blue Care) and experienced health-sector consultant, Catherine See (Managing Director, Gravitas Leadership Group).

The panel discussed: How will the changing environment affect business models, income streams, cooperative working, and interaction between different parts of the health sector? How can your organisation plan ahead in this changing environment?

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Art in the Boardroom – international webinar
The Chairs and Artistic Director/CEOs of Southbank Centre, London and Queensland Performing Arts Complex talk about the board's role in conversations about art.

A summary written report is available free of charge, and the recording of the webinar is also available for download.

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