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1   Residency: Developing Strategic Direction and Entrepreneurship and Income Generation - North Queensland 2013
2   Symposium: Is the arts business model broken?; Entrepreneurship and Risk Management; The Role of the Chair; Creating Strategy; and Managing Change - Sydney
3   Symposium: Entrepreneurship and Risk Management; How fragile is your image in today's fast media world?; Managing Change; New Models New Money; What makes the perfect Chair; Brainstorm the Board; and Creative Leadership - Brisbane
4   New Models New Money Webinar
5   The Financial Dashboard: what do you need to know?
6   Art in the Boardroom: International Webinar
7   Chairs' Roundtable Discussion with Rupert Myer AM
8   Appraising the CEO
9   North Queensland Regional Residency
10   Talking about Art - the board's role in discussing the organisation's art
11   Turning Strategy into Action
12   Board Recruitment & Succession Planning
13   What is the appropriate legal structure for your non-profit organisation?
14   The Art of Leadership in Philanthropy with Frankie Airey
15   Board Succession Planning
16   Refining Your Financial Strategy
17   Turning Strategy into Action Workshop
18   Intellectual Property – how is it the board’s business?
19   Board Recruitment and Induction
20   How is State Arts Policy made?
21   Preparing for Chairmanship
22   Financial Monitoring Workshop
23   Talking about art - the Board's role?
24   Appraising the CEO
25   Helping your Board to help you
26   What is an effective Chair of an arts organisation