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Board members and CEOs want to make the greatest contribution they can to the organisation's mission.  

One of the simplest and most effective ways of testing the board's impact is to undertake a board self-assessment.

In the non-profit and the for-profit sector periodic board reviews are becoming standard practice for organisations of all scales.

BoardConnect has conducted board reviews for almost 100 non-profit organisations. Our experienced facilitators will steer your board through a detailed self-assessment, share insights, and identify opportunities for improvement.
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Feedback from board members who have participated in our reviews has been consistently appreciative:

We felt lucky to have had this opportunity. It was a fantastic process for where we were at as an organisation. Thank you!

BoardConnect offers board reviews at a number of levels. Find out which service is right for you.

Click here to download our current Board Reviews brochure.

David Fishel, Director of BoardConnect, wrote an article in early 2015 looking at trends in the non-profit sector over the past three years. He drew insights from board reviews conducted by BoardConnect for 32 Australian non-profit boards to identify key strengths, challenges and goals.

Click here for a copy of the article Board Performance: a progress report

All levels of BoardConnect’s board reviews meet the Australia Council’s requirement for Key Organisations to carry out a board audit at least once every three years.

Board reviews are offered on a fee-for-service basis.  However, the fee represents a significant discount below commercial rates.

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