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BoardConnect offers detailed reviews (also called 'audits') of the performance and processes of non-profit boards.  At an initial level, the review consists of a confidential online survey that is easily accessed and completed in privacy by board members in their own time.  Responses (unattributed) are analysed and presented in a report that is returned to the Chair. It is a one-stop ‘check’ for board members to assess their strengths and opportunities.

Online board survey example     

Finance_and_Risk_Report3BoardConnect staff will often also attend a board meeting to discuss the results.  If necessary and if it is indicated by the review, there is also the potential to refer the organisation to specialist consultants for further board development work.

In addition, there is an option for a more detailed and in-depth analysis of board operations, incorporating interviews with board members and observance of board meetings, as well as the online survey.

All levels of BoardConnect’s Board Reviews/Audits meet the Australia Council’s requirement for Key Organisations to carry out a Board Audit at least once every three years. We also provide a letter confirming that the Audit has been completed, which can be submitted to the Australia Council if required.

Board Reviews/Audits are offered on a fee-for-service basis.  However, the fee represents a significant discount below commercial rates. 

Phone us on 07 3891 2599 for further information about a Board Review or Audit. 

Excerpt from board survey analysis report